The Benefits of Video Marketing

With the expansion of broadband networks has come the creation of high quality video codecs and the technology to stream HD video to computers and TVs across the globe.

Where once, reading, viewing and conversation were individual activities, technology now allows us to combine them into thrilling and engaging interactive experiences. March Digital can help you communicate and interact with your audience in ways that were inconceivable just years ago.

Video provides:

  • Greater impact and cut-through
  • A more emotive and memorable representation of your product and/or service
  • The capability to make messaging easier to understand and more engaging

And because video is a high quality medium, it boosts confidence in your brand and reinforces credibility. 

Video can be used to:

  • Promote and demonstrate your product or service
  • Communicate with and train your staff, suppliers and dealers
  • Support your eCommerce activity
  • Participate in your social media communications 
  • Embellish CRM programs

A study by The Wharton School of Business revealed that video improves comprehension and retention by 50% over live presentations; and other research shows that video speeds up buying decision by 72% when compared with print.

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